Jr. NUAC attends “History Unification Golden Bell”

“History Unification Golden Bell,” located in the Mitchell Park Community Center adobirum in Palo Alto on April 28 at 15:00 last year, was an event where 200 students attended to answer questions about the unification between South Korea and North Korea. The goal was to establish a correct view of the nation, unification, and history for overseas youth and to increase their interest in and understanding of the unification of the Korean peninsula. Therefore, students have been preparing endlessly for the event; hence, the event began with to release students from stress with drums of the grand celebration of the Go Mi-suk dancers with several other musical acts. Substantially, the performances that were especially exceptional, where Eileen Lee’s (Saratoga H.S.) clarinet performance and Irene Kang’s (Leland H.S.) gayageum performance, which attracted a diverse amount of attention showing the deep Korean culture.

Shortly after the event was started, the room fell silent, and what each student wrote for the first question down, determined their hard work in a short amount of time. However, what rank a student received didn’t mean everything, the students were able to experience and learn the Korean unification policy, North Korea’s unification plan, and the specific examples of divided nations through the unification, peaceful Korean peninsula preparation, the Korean War and the post-war situation, global South Korea, etc. A price people can only gain from experience. 

Several participants and their parents said they were glad to experience an important event like this because they were able to understand how there needs to be awareness on the importance in Unification between North Korea and South Korea is.

In particular, Rachel Baek (Darthmouth M.S) won the grand prize of the day against 200 other students. Only the top 3 were invited to attend the KBS special broadcast “Challenge! Participate in ‘History Unification Golden Bell’” to compete against the final skill in Korea.

Students that received an award were

Participants saluting towards the South Korean and American flag before the event started.
Rachel Baek (Darthmouth M.S) winning the grand prize.
Eileen Lee’s clarinet performance
Irene Kang (Leland H.S.) gayageum performance

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