Beginning of Our Aid in COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has been chaotic and disastrous for the past few months. However, the situation keeps getting worse as the days go on, and, as a team, we want to anything to help the process of going back to normal.

Healthcare workers are people that are both are skilled and brave, especially during these situations; they make the biggest impact to help the people in need the most. They should not have to risk their lives to protect us, however, several hospitals and shelters do not have a sufficient amount of supplies to manage the patients, so, in an effort, we decided to make kits (inspired by first aid kits) that contain basic necessities. These packages will include personal protective equipment (PPE) like hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and masks. As indicated, although it may seem small, this will help help fight the pandemic step by step.

People have been seeing the virus as a problem only for the government to solve, however, this is a problem where society can help by “flattening the curve.” COVID-19 is not like the cold and is more contagious and deadlier, and people shouldn’t loose hope in the world by going out. People have an opportunity to have an impact on others’ lives by self-isolating. By donating books and toys, we can make an impact to recognize the importance of not going out.

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