Today we were joined by guest speaker Chul Lee. He shared with us his experiences and memories of visiting North Korea. As a computer scientist, he visited and helped the people at PUST (Pyongyang University of Science & Tech) by teaching courses and sharing his field experiences from Silicon Valley, California. 

We watched a couple of short videos where we got to learn about the school life and see some students attending PUST. We learned about the unique school life of PUST; for example, PUST students can connect with high level government staff or officials from both North and South Korea. In addition, we learned that only graduate North Korean students of PUST had internet access because it was so rare and scarce. Mr. Lee then showed us a collection of pictures he took at North Korea, which consisted of the typical old, dark buildings, restaurants, churches, the DMZ area, stores, the place where the peace treaty was signed, etc. 

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