Today Do Yeon Kim presented the testimonial of a North Korean named Gi Haenam. We got to learn about the inhumane, brutal treatment that she had to persevere in order to get to her destination, South Korea. Hearing the details of sexual assaults, having to eat garbage and cement, and suffering through countless beatings made all of us want to help the North Koreans living in North Korea and the North Korean defectors. 

During the Q&A, we also discussed briefly about the lack of rights and lack of humanity and respect given to the North Koreans. One of our members, Irene Kang, also researched and shared with us the reasons why North and South Korea divided in the first place.

To access the Translation: https://jnuacsf.org/2020/05/02/testimonial-translation-of-gi-haenam-by-doyeon-kim/

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