NUAC SF Junior Members Mask Donation Relay 1

Translation by Rachel Jihye Baek, Leigh High School

Upon enforcing shelter-in-place orders issued by Governor Gavin Newsom in California, the National Unification Advisory Council, San Francisco Chapter Junior Members’ president, Daniel Jihoon Baek held a discussion with NUAC SF Junior Members regarding how they could contribute to their community through weekly Zoom meetings: the members unanimously supported the idea of purchasing masks and donating them to local and convalescent hospitals.

In the span of around 3 weeks, the members, consisting of 6th to 12th grade students in Northern California, raised approximately $3,000 in donations. The sum was then delivered to NUAC SF with the intention of donating masks to health institutes in Santa Clara County in an act of public diplomacy.

Withstanding the difficulties involved in purchasing masks in local stores due to shelter-in-place, NUAC SF President John Sungwoo Choi was able to connect with wholesale mask companies and purchase masks for reasonable prices from three different locations; Hayward, Los Angeles, and even as far as China. (300 KN95 masks from Hayward for $2.75 each; 1,200 dental masks from Los Angeles for 80 cents each; 1,800 dental masks from China for 60 cents each.)

The masks were distributed to fire departments, police stations, hospitals, and nursing homes in the Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Saratoga and Los Gatos regions. On April 29, when the first set of masks arrived, a total of nine NUAC SF Junior members wore self-made cloth masks and gloves to safely receive the masks for donations. Upon forming two-person groups, each group consulted with institutions in need of masks, then donated aforementioned masks while maintaining social distancing and taking commemorative pictures as well. (President Daniel Jihoon Baek and Jr. member Rachel Jihye Baek delivered 200 masks to the Sheriff Office (San Jose) in Santa Clara County, while Vice President Eileen Lee and Director of Music Irene Kang donated 200 dental masks to Stonebrook Health and Rehabilitation in Los Gatos).

The 2nd batch of donations, which are expected to arrive mid-May, will be given to Palo Alto, Milpitas, Fremont, San Jose, and Campbell to further spread the pride for our motherland, Korea, in the name of NUAC SF Junior members.


SF 주니어평통 마스크 기부 릴레이
민주평통 샌프란시스코 협의회 (회장 최성우)는 COVID-19으로 어려움을 겪고 있던
모국을 돕기 위해 지난3월 24일 자문위원들이 십시일반으로 모은 성금4000달러를
대한적십자사로 전달한 바 있다. 이러한 민주평통 SF 협의회의 기부정신을 이어받아, 민주평통
SF 협의회 소속 주니어 평통 (회장 백지훈) 회원들은 COVID-19 으로 가주 전역 자가격리령이후,
우리들의 삶의터전인 실리콘밸리지역에 미약하나마 할 수 있는 일을 온라인상으로 의논,
마스크를 구입 기부하자는 뜻을 모았다.
2-3주에 걸쳐 약 3000달러의 성금을 모금한후, 공공외교활동의 일환으로 마스크 기부의
뜻을전했고, 평통 SF 협의회에서는 마스크 구입이 쉽지않던 상황에서도 주니어평통의 뜻을
살리기 위해 각고의 노력끝에 의료용 마스크 2500장을 순차적으로 공급받게 되었다.(의료용
마스크 2200장 KN95 300장).
지역내 소방서 경찰서 병원 양로병원등을 1차 기부의 대상으로 정한후, 1차 마스크가
도착한 지난 4월 29일에는9명의 회원들이 2인 1조씩 각각 마스크가 필요한 기관에 전달
인증샷을 찍기도 하였다. (백지훈 회장과 백지혜회원은 카운티 쉐리프 오피스, 이아인 부회장과
강은솔 음악부장은 스톤브룩 헬스센터) 2차 기부는 마스크가 도착하는 5월 중순경 전달할
예정이며 지역내에 자랑스러운 대한민국과 민주평통 주니어 멤버도 알릴 계획이다.

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