Online lecture by Visiting Scholar in PUST

Translation by by Jonathan Lee, Mountain View High School

The NUAC SF Junior Members, led by President Daniel Jihoon Baek, held a webinar via Zoom on April 18th from 6:30 PM to 7:30PM. The speaker, Dr. Lee, C. had recently visited North Korea and shared his experience with the members. Dr. Lee was invited as a speaker due to his prior trips to North Korea and his extensive knowledge on North Korean politics and culture. The NUAC SF Chapter believes that educating the junior members will be vital in continuing efforts towards reunification. Many people all over the world are still unaware of North Korean culture and what really goes on in the country. 

Dr. Lee’s presentation gave an insider look on what life is really like in North Korea as he documented Pyongyang University of Science and Technology and its students. NUAC SF Junior members could see the daily life of university students residing in dorms and eating at dining halls. Overall, the presentation illustrated North Korean students are not much different from ordinary South Korean students except they looked sad unlike students elsewhere. Dr. Lee also met and discussed with foreign professors in North Korea who gave an objective view opinion on North Korea and living standards. The presentation gave an insightful view on the different lives of North Koreans and provided a reason to prepare and accomplish for peaceful reunification.

The NUAC SF Junior members, composed of 40 middle and high school students, are not only passionate about learning Korean politics and culture, but also willing to take action despite the current pandemic. They partake in weekly Zoom meetings every Saturday and continue to discuss reunification and cultural awareness. The 19th NUAC branch plans to further focus on educating others about Korean culture and politics by promoting the 2032 Seoul Pyongyang Olympics and K-pop, which has been experiencing a recent boom in popularity in America. They continue to work towards achieving their goals and all members seemed to be very satisfied with the work they’ve been doing while looking forward to continuing their efforts in the future


샌프란시스코 주니어평통 화상 강연회

민주평통 샌프란시스코협의회 주니어 평통(회장 백지훈) 회원들이 지난 4월18일 토요일 오후 6:30부터 7:30 까지  최근 북한을 다녀온  Dr. C. Lee를 강사로 모시고,  ZOOM 애플리케이션을 이용한 온라인 화상회의 강연회를 개최했다.

북한주민들의 최근실정, 사회활동모습 특히 평양과학기술대학 학생들의 배움에 대한 열정, 자유로운 강의실분위기, 식사시간모습, 여가활동, 기숙사,등 학교생활이 담긴 꾸밈없는 동영상과 사진들을 보면서, 우리와 별다름없이 평범한, 그러나 조금은 슬퍼 보이는 듯한 학생들의 모습을 보며 주니어평통 회원들은 통일의 필요성을 더욱 실감하게 되었다. 이 박사는 또한 학자로서 북한학생들을 만나 지도했던 경험과 방문기간중 보고들은 북한실정등을 객관적으로 소개하며, 주니어 평통회원들과 색다른 경험을 나누는 귀중한 시간이었다. 

실리콘밸리지역 중고등 학생들로 구성된 주니어평통 회원들은 요즘같은 자가격리 거리두기 비상시국을 맞아 Off Line 에서 활동이 제한된 상황에서 위기를 기회로 삼아, 자가격리 기간중 매주 토요일 오후 Zoom 화상회의를 통해 회원들과 소통을 하고 있다. 특별히 제19기 민주평통의 활동방향인 공공 외교에 중점을 두고 미주류사회에 한류보급 한류소개 및 2032년 서울평양 공동올림픽유치를 위한 아이디어 및 여론조성 등 주류사회에서 중고등학생으로서 봉사하는 일을 기획중이다.

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