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Essay on "My Collection"


I am very fond of cars: cars, trucks, racing cars - any kind. That's why in my house there is a large collection of these vehicles, which I started collecting in my early childhood.


My first cars were cheerful, colorful inertial vehicles. Many of them I liked so much that I decided to keep these vehicles as a memory. Then my collection was enlarged by working cars, such as a dump truck, an ambulance, a police car and a fire truck. I still use have fun playing with some of them as they have interactive parts, interesting sound effects and bright lights. 



Of course, there are many passenger cars in my house with opening doors and a steering wheel that can turn the wheels. These include spectacular Cadillacs, limousines, SUVs and sports cars. My favorite part of my collection are the radio-controlled cars. I use college essays for sale have about a dozen of them. Some are set in motion by a special remote control, while others are able to execute voice commands or even follow the direction of a person's hands. 



Especially from this series I like the shifter car, which easily performs various tricks. These include driving down steps, performing complicated two-wheeled maneuvers and flipping to the other side, as well as driving backwards when hitting a wall.


I keep my car collection in a large dresser drawer where they are neatly arranged. I also buy a dissertation have a multi-level parking lot and gas station in my room that I use to play with the cars. 



After inviting friends home, I usually compete with them in the art of operating interactive vehicles. We make all kinds of fun bets, trying to beat each other's records.


In short, playing with cars for me can never be boring. And it doesn't matter whether I roll the cars on the carpet alone, or call my friends for help - I always have something to do.


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